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Hellfire Club (2004)

Hellfire Club (2004)

Hellfire Club was released in April 6, 2004 as the sixth album by German power metal band Edguy. The music of the band is supported by a German orchestra, the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg. In contrast to their previous albums, Hellfire Club owes more to the sound of Iron Maiden than their biggest influence Helloween, both in vocals and in music. The first track “Mysteria” opens with the introduction “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome – to the Freak Show!”, followed by a guitar riff that is unusually dark and heavy for Edguy’s standards and is very similar to some Judas Priest riffs.

Track list – Hellfire Club

  1. Mysteria
  2. The Piper Never Dies
  3. We Don’t Need a Hero
  4. Down to the Devil
  5. King of Fools
  6. Forever
  7. Under the Moon
  8. Lavatory Love Machine
  9. Rise of the Morning Glory
  10. Lucifer in Love
  11. Navigator
  12. The Spirit Will Remain
  13. Children of Steel
  14. Mysteria
  15. Heavenward

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