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Edguy is a power metal band from the city of Fulda in Germany.

Edguy History

Group Edguy was founded in 1992, when only fourteen Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer, and Dominik Storch. Group name was meant as an allusion to their former mathematics teacher, Edgar Zimmerera. Until 1998 the group had no bass player and all the bass parts of songs formed Sammet on the keys. In 1998 the group joined Felix Böhnke that Storch was replaced on drums.
After two demonahrávkách and one album that were never sold commercially, the group won a contract with AFM Records label. Their first album released by the AFM Kingdom of Madness recorded a success, but as a fault can be identified by the album Vain Glory Opera (1998). After releasing two more studio albums (Theater of Salvation and Mandrake) and one live album (Burning Down the Opera), the group moved to a new label Nuclear Blast.
In the years 2001/2002 was published as a solo project called Tobias Sammet Avantasia.It was a „metal opera“ which many musicians are involved with the resonant names (among other Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, Eric Singer and Timo Tolkki). Tobias Sammet year 2008, the continuation of this project, which was again invited many famous musicians to help (Alice Cooper, Bob Catley, Eric Singer, etc.)

Music Style

The group is due to simple texts, Sammetovu high voice and melodic music described as typical of European power metal. Metaphorical way his lyrics often speak of a man influenced by the Church, the dangers of modern civilization … According to the statement Sammet group is not advocating any particular ideology. (Quoted Tobias Sammet: We are not Political and we are not religious, at Least there is no key message in our songs telling you what it think in terms of anything.)
The album released in 2004, the band produced Hellfire Club together with the orchestra.Album, the band released in 2006 Rocket Ride with the style of the group changed from a typical power metal on metal classic 80th years.

Edguy band members

Current members

  • Tobias Sammet – Vocals, keyboards (1992-present)
  • Jens Ludwig – Guitar (1992-present)
  • Dirk Sauer – Guitars (1992-present)
  • Tobias Exxel – bass (1998-present)
  • Felix Böhnke – drums (1998-present) [1]

Former Members

  • Dominik Storch – Drums (1992-97) [1]

Guest musicians

  • Frank Lindenthal – drums on Vain Glory Opera
  • Andy Allendorfer – backing vocals on Vain Glory Opera
  • Ralf Zdiarstek – backing vocals on Vain Glory Opera
  • Hans Kürsch – vocals on Vain Glory Opera
  • Timo Tolkki – Guitar on Vain Glory Opera
  • Frank Tischer – Piano on The Savage Poetry
  • Markus Schmitt – backing vocals on The Savage Poetry
  • Mille Petrozza – vocals on the Hellfire Club
  • Michael Kiske – vocals on Superheroes
  • Klaus Meine – vocals on Ministry Of Saints [1]


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